KUCHING: Renowned Sarawak chanteuse Alena Murang has released a music video for her single ‘Midang Midang’ and dedicates it to the Kelabit community in Miri and Bario.

“This song was handed to me by my grandaunt Tepu’ Ira. It is an old Kelabit song and a song to bring people together to share stories about culture.

“Heritage songs are an important way of keeping our language, values, and stories alive. My ancestral (Kelabit) songs are filled with elements of nature.

“And that’s why this time, it was so important for us to film this in Bario and Miri,” she said.


The half Kelabit artiste is among the few Sarawak women who can play the sape, the traditional lute of the Orang Ulu community.  

Meanwhile, Sarawak Tourism Board chief executive officer Sharzede Salleh welcomes Alena’s new music video.

“Growing up in Borneo, Alena has shown a great sense of belonging by representing the Kelabit community.

“We hope the video will promote Sarawak as a tourist destination,” she said.

The ‘Midang Midang’ music video was launched on Nov 27 with the support of Sarawak Tourism Board, Miri City Council, Marriott Resort Miri and Kanid Studio.