Bujang (second right) and his team survey the surroundings at Kampung Abang Barieng/Bandong.

SIBU: The Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) councillors are committed to solving problems faced by villages under their administration.

SMC deputy chairman Bujang Zainuddin Abdul Majid said that his team always worked closely with the villagers; often holding briefings and meetings with them through the respective Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs).

“This makes it easier for us to identify problems faced. Without such communication and cooperation, it would be difficult for us to understand their problems, as under SMC there are no less than ten villages,” he said when met here on Saturday.

Earlier, Bujang and his team attended a briefing session with Kampung Abang Barieng/Bandong JKKK here. According to him, the briefing was aimed at presenting issues faced at the village.

Bujang said that among the issues raised were in terms of cleanliness of the whole village, drainage, abandoned vehicles, plants/trees at road shoulders/intersections, and awareness on the spread of rabies and dengue.

“After attending the briefing, my team along with SMC officers also went on the ground with the village JKKK to take a closer look at the conditions around the village. We also received several suggestions and also actions which need to be implemented by the council,” he said.

In this regard, he urged that every problem at the village should not only be placed on the shoulders of the local authorities, but instead should be resolved jointly with the villagers.

With JKKKs always in close contact with SMC, he said, this was the best platform to resolve all problems faced to create a win-win situation for the common good.

“Together, we maintain the cleanliness of our villages. Contact us and we will come. Do not hesitate to work together with us. SMC needs to hear the complaints from you. Therefore, complain through the right channel so that every plan and discussion can be fruitful,” said Bujang.