Continue to be responsible, adhere to SOPs



KUCHING: Sarawakians are relieved that they can now travel within and across the state.

During a public poll conducted by New Sarawak Tribune, the public responded positively to the government’s decision to allow inter-state and inter-district travel, with some expressing gratitude for the ability to resume travel plans that had been put on hold.

The decision, which went into effect on October 11, was made in light of the country’s vaccination rate reaching 90 percent, and only applies to individuals who have been fully vaccinated.

Nonetheless, while the respondents are relieved that the restrictions have been lifted, they reminded everyone to be cautious and responsible by adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) imposed by the authorities.

Paran Jonly



I am very happy with the decision, but we must always be cautious and responsible if we plan to travel across districts and states. My hometown, Bario is the first place I intend to visit, as I have no plans to travel outside of Sarawak this year.

Claudya Jane John



I’m glad this decision was made because, as we can see, our cases have continued to rise despite the restrictions. Hence, the travel restrictions, in my opinion, no longer work. The first place that comes to mind is visiting worthwhile places such as Penang or Langkawi. It must be nice to be able to visit places with such beautiful scenery and culture.

Jane Eyre


Insurance agent

I am pleased with the decision because I can finally plan a trip to Kota Kinabalu. Due to the pandemic and the university’s sudden decision to send students home, I had to leave a lot of my belongings behind due to the capacity of the aeroplane at the time.

Olivia Nawan Patrick


Insurance agent

I’m so grateful to be able to travel again after such a long time. I plan on returning to Bintulu to see my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them.

Siti Noorain



As we approach the endemic phase, I believe inter-district and inter-state travel is possible. The economy can recover, businesses can resume normal operations, and public can travel freely, but we must also take care of ourselves in accordance with SOPs. I have no plans to travel as of yet, except to head to Shah Alam in the near future to pick up my belongings from my university.

Nazrinzulaiqa Hasbi



I agree with the decision to lift the restriction. This will allow those who have long desired to meet their families to do so. I plan to travel to Miri or Sabah with my family. I suggest everyone to get vaccinated and do frequent Covid-19 self-testing to be safe!

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