Cooking her way to culinary stardom

Che Nom found her calling in the culinary field. Photo: Bernama

By Amiril Muttaqien Meketar

KUALA LUMPUR: Miss those cooking sessions with mom? Fret not, Che Nom is here.

Since 2012, Normah Bakar, 39, or fondly known as Che Nom, has been sharing recipes on her YouTube channel, from traditional dishes to desserts and pastries.

Little do people know that this mother of three was formerly in the telecommunications industry who decided to leave her professional career last year to focus on her culinary journey.

“I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Besides sharing recipes, what I did was learning and exploring culinary knowledge, although I am not a chef,” she told Bernama recently.

It came as a surprise that her efforts to share cooking videos more frequently last year attracted many viewers and at the same time generate a handsome income.

In this regard, Che Nom who hails from Kedah, has no regrets letting go of her 13-year service with a local telecommunication company to become a YouTuber.

“Previously when working in the company, the mentality was to adhere to policies or directions set by the employer.

“But when I chose to become a full-time YouTuber, I have to plan and manage my time wisely to curate the channel. Its success or failure entirely depends on me…just like doing business,” said the owner of the website. 

When asked why her face is not featured in the videos, Che Nom said it was something that she had agreed with her husband, Syed Ridzuan Syed Nopal, 41.

“My husband is the main person behind Che Nom YouTube channel because most of the concept and videography ideas originally came from him. Maybe I will show my face in the future but any change to the current set up must be decided properly,” said Che Nom who idolises celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or Chef Wan.

The degree holder in computational mathematics said she dreams of publishing her own cookbook and hoped that her YouTube channel would reach one million subscribers in the future.

To date, the channel has more than 500,000 subscribers with 12 million views. – Bernama