Covid-19 self-test kits available in Mukah

Kong (right) and her staff with the Covid-19 self-test kit.

MUKAH: The Covid-19 self-test kits are readily available at all pharmacies here.

New Sarawak Tribune on Wednesday (Sept 15) found out that each pharmacy in town currently has at least 100 units.

The pharmacies also revealed that sales of the kits were brisk lately — available for purchase at RM19.90 each.

Pharmacist Kong Su Ling said new stock would arrive soon. “Yes, we have ready supply of the Covid-19 self-test kits now.”

Another, Sia Yiik Ung, revealed that her premises also has ready supply.

She added that for the purchase of more than six units, discounts would be given.

Among the brands are Alltest and Newgene. Early this month, there was very limited supply of the kits at most pharmacies here.