Dalat water woes solved

The improved condition at the water storage pond at Sungai Ud.

KUCHING: The water woes involving a storage pond in Dalat have been resolved by the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB).

Minister of Utilities Datuk Seri Stephen Rundi Utom stated that JBALB, as the agency responsible for water supply management in the Mukah division, had successfully overcome and solved the turbid water problems following the Dalat residents’ complaints.

“We assure that any issue involving water quality is always given a priority and full attention in compliance with the National Drinking Water Quality Standard (NDWQS) by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as well as following the guidelines issued by the Natural Resources and Environment Board Sarawak.

“The issue of turbid water in the Dalat district happened at the beginning of June. It was caused by excessive content of organic matter in the storage pond in Sungai Ud which sources raw water into the Dalat Water Treatment Plant for processing and treatment. There was also the lack of aerator facility to help deodorise water at the plant,” he said in a statement on Sunday (June 13).

Rundi added that two new pumps were being installed at the storage pond under the People’s Projects.

“The first pump was installed on June 11 while the second one is expected to be completed by this month. Meanwhile, the aerator at the Dalat Water Treatment Plant is being built and is expected to be ready by July this year.

“Once the projects are completed, the issue of water supply, particularly turbid water, will be resolved,” he said.

Rundi pointed out that the state government had allocated RM51.6 million for the implementation of various high impact, short term and medium projects under the People’s Project package for the development of water supply system in the Mukah division including the Dalat district.

He said the projects had been actively implemented since 2018 to ensure that residents in the area had better clean water supply infrastructure.

The improved condition at the water storage pond at Sungai Ud.

Among the proposed projects that have been completed in the Mukah division including the Dalat district are:

•       Construction of submarine pipeline to Kampung Brunei, Dalat.

•       Construction of raw water inlet at the water treatment plant at Sungai Kut.

•       Improvement of booster station at the old water treatment plant in Matu and existing pipeline to the high-level water tank in Kuala Matu.

•       Connection of pipeline from Simpang SMK Oya to Simpang Kampung Bakong.

•       Upgrade of reticulation piping system at Jalan Hj Wahid, Jalan Medong Hilir, Kampung Medong Ulu, Kampung Kekan Seberang to SK St Jude, Kampung Kut Seberang, Kampung Senau and raw water pipeline from Simpang Jalang Masjid to storage pond at Sungai Ud.

•       Water supply project under Sarawak Alternative Water Supply (Sawas) project for Ng area, Kampung Klid and Kampung Narub.

Rundi also said that four projects were being implemented in the Mukah division including the Dalat district, namely:

•       Works to improve facilities and building at various water treatment plants, booster stations, stores and JBALB offices.

•       Replacement of pumps, power generators, mechanical and electrical equipment in various water treatment plants.

•       Replacement of obsolete AC type pipelines.

•       Works to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) under the management of NRW.

He added that when the various water supply projects had been completed, the residents in the Mukah division including the Dalat district would be able to enjoy clean and treated water supply in addition to a better water supply system.