Don’t make issue out of symptoms

Clarence Ting

KUCHING: Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting said he is disappointed with some individuals for making an issue out of the mild symptoms he experienced after getting the Covid-19 vaccine three days ago.

He said he thought it is good to be transparent and to share his experience.  Instead, some people decided to twist the matter.

“I am particularly disappointed because all Malaysian children are subject to vaccinations after birth for smallpox, JE (Japanese encephalitis), to name a few. Parents, too, know that they have symptoms of varying degrees. 

“Why are some making an issue out of these vaccine symptoms when we all have dealt with vaccine symptoms, personally, or as a parent or grandparent?” he said in a Facebook post on Monday (Mar 1).

“Would parents not want their children to be vaccinated for smallpox or JE just because their neighbour’s child had a fever?

“Common sense must prevail. This discussion of whether or not to vaccinate should not arise unless you have known medical conditions,” he said.

After getting the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, Ting said he is now back to work and the discomfort he experienced has gone.

“But still, I continue to wear a face mask, sanitise my hands and practise social distancing,” he said.

Vaccination is not a passport to stop complying with the standard operating procedures (SOPs), he added.