Flying doctor services dates announced


KUCHING: The State Health Department has announced the dates for the flying doctor service (FDS) in Sri Aman, Sarikei, Sibu, Kapit, Miri, and Limbang Divisions on July 1 to 15.

Residents in these areas have been urged to stay at home or in their longhouses to wait for the doctor.

For the Sri Aman Division, the doctors will be flying to Rumah (Rh)Thomas, Banggai in the morning and Rh Siba, Perdu, Ulu Spak in the evening on July 13; Rh Mamut, Langgir, Lingga (morning) and Rh Munggu Sawa, Pantu (evening) on July 14; Rh Rimong, Begantong (morning) and Rh Lidom, Sungai Paya, Menjuau (evening) on July 15.

For Sarikei Division, the FDS will be going to SRK Kota in the morning and Rh Ajai, Ulu Entaih in the evening of July 5; Rh Barak (morning) and SRK Jambu (evening) on July 6; Rh Tawie (morning) and Rh Janting (evening) on July 7; Rh Enggie (morning) and Kemalih (evening) on July 8; Rh Bugie (morning) and SRK Ju (evening) on July 9; Rh Kiroh (morning) and Rh Umar (evening) on July 12.

For the Sibu Division, the doctors will be flying to Rh Gayut in the morning and Nanga Arau area in the evening of July 5; Rh Ansi (morning) and Rh Asun (evening) on July 6; Rh Enjah (morning) and Rh Kiroh (evening) on July 7; Rh Seliau (morning) and Rh Tuan (evening) on July 8); Rh Engkayau, Ulu Machan (morning) and Rh Janting (evening) on July 9.

As for Kapit Division, the FDS will arrive at Rh Nuga in the morning and Rh Manila in the evening of July 12; Rh Liun, Ibau (morning) and Rh Messop, Ibau (evening); Rh Berangan (morning) and Rh Sari (evening) on July 14; and in the morning of July 15 at the Long Singut area.

For Miri Division, the flying doctors will be visiting Ba’Lai in the morning and Long Banga in the evening of July 7 whereby the Long Sabai area will be visited in the morning of July 8.

The Tanjong Durian area in Miri Division will also be visited by the FDS on the morning of July 9; Pa’ Tik (morning), Long Dano and Pa’ Lungan area will both be visited in the evening on July 12; Long Balau (morning) and Long Seridan (evening) on July 13, however, Long Kerong and Ba’ Laman areas will be visited on July 14 and July 15 respectively throughout the day.

Lastly for Kapit Division, the FDS service will be going to Sungai Adang in the morning of July 5, and Pa’ Berunut (morning) and Pa’ Puti (evening) on July 6.

For further enquiries, contact Assistant Medical Officer Ashley Dorithy at the Sarawak Health Department Family Health Development branch at 013- 8416735 or Ashley at 082-473 200 (ext 268).

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