SUFC players during a training session ahead of tonight’s match against Selangor FC. Photo: GHAZALI BUJANG

KUCHING: The Sarawak United (SUFC I) are committed to clinch a second victory over Selangor FC after a 4-1 victory over JDT II at Sarawak Stadium last Saturday.

SUFC I will take on Selangor FC in Kuala Lumpur tonight.

The team manager Afiq Fikri Brahim said he counted on the team to win and bring back the full points.

“We hold high hopes to earn points tonight. Moreover, last week’s victory over JDT II had fired up the team’s spirit to continue the momentum.

“Of course we will have to face a difficult path this time as our opponents also want victory following their defeats in the last two games,” he told Suara Sarawak yesterday.

Nevertheless, he warned the team not to be overconfident as Selangor FC are rivals to watch out for.

“Whatever the result, I hope the fans will continue to support and provide moral support to the team,” he said.

SUFC I will face Kuala Lumpur at Sarawak Stadium on March 18 at 8.15pm.