High tea and Afternoon Delights

AS the note says, “Fresh From the Garden”, a variety of leafy vegetables and fruits for a healthier choice.

FRIENDS or family coming together for high tea can consider the grandiose interior that is the Orchid Garden Coffee House of Grand Margherita Kuching. The high tea buffet which offers an eclectic scrumptious choice of food and dessert spread is available every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm, and it is priced at RM45 nett per adult and RM20 nett per child. Those seeking for a discounted price of 20% can opt to purchase online at www.grandmargherita.com.

Eaters coming in for lunch at the high tea buffet can expect their tummies to meet the savoury prawn base soup of Sarawak Laksa, or even be spoilt for choice by having Sarawak’s favourite breakfast choice, the Kolo Mee.

For the lovers of chicken rice and roti canai, rest assured, the high tea buffet from Grand Margherita also serve these two Malaysian favourites – as usual, the steamed chicken rice, marinated and dipped into light soy sauce and the Malaysian Indian cuisine of flat bread, or best known as roti canai, is served with curry or dhal.

Dim Sum lovers will be delighted to find a delectable choice of steam buns (paos) and compressed minced meat (sio bee), alongside assorted spread of how you want to make a sandwich, either with slices of ham, salads, cheese, tuna spread, tomatoes or best if, mix all together to get an ultimate taste of a variety of meat, cheese and vegetable slices, ready to challenge your taste buds.

It does not stop there, as the Orchid Garden Coffee House could fit an even bigger array of delectable appetisers, usually eaten after heavy meals, and also to cool down the tummy intake by eating light and easy dishes such as the mixed bean salad with marinated duck breast, spicy seafood with glass noodle salad, traditional coleslaw with raisin and assorted cold platter.

For children or adults that appreciates finger food, there is a spread comprising fish finger with tartar sauce, mini pizzas, seafood rolls, mini chicken pie, vegetarian spring rolls, deep fried chicken wings, prawn on toast, sausage roll, curry puff and assorted beef and chicken satay with condiments that were kept warm and heated always. Since the afternoon’s temperature is normally high, do not fret as the buffet choices widen into the self-serving choices ice cream.

\Not to forget, as you enter the door of the coffee house, the first thing you will see on the buffet spread is another Malaysian favourite dessert, shaved ice or better known as Ais Kacang, which you can choose freely, of course.

With the buffet coming to an end, the creme de la creme of the spread would always be the numerous desserts available served by the coffee house. You can feast your eyes and your tummy on the dessert station consisting of delightful selections such as international pastries, fruit tartlet, egg tart, Cream Brule, coconut tart, fruity jelly, crème caramel, assorted flan, Éclair, assorted french pastries, mini apple pie, chocolate profiterole, bubur Cha Cha or Pulut Hitam or Lek Tau Suan with Crullers and fresh fruits platter. Before you go home, sooth your already full stomach with a cup of coffee or tea, simultaneously relaxing both your stomach and taste buds from all the deliciously prepared meals, appetisers and desserts.

As you sip your coffee or tea, watching the birds fly from the wide window, looking out to the magnificent view of waterfront Kuching, you will be amazed at how beautiful the city is, and how great the food it offered you.

Optimism comes with being filled in the tummy. Please scan the QR Code below to link directly to the official website of Riverside Majestic Hotel for online purchase. You may call 6082532111 extension 1158 for any inquiry or reservation.

For more information on the Food and Beverages promotion, please go to the link www. grandmargherita.com/deals or Grand Margherita Hotel official Facebook Page at www.facebook. com/grandmargherita. Use the online Word editor program to compose visual documents in your web browser for free.

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