Let schools reopen after 80 percent herd immunity

(File) A teacher of SMK Matang Jaya checks the temperature of a student. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: Most parents and school students prefer to see schools reopen when Sarawak has achieved its target of vaccinate 80 percent of its population.

Since the movement control order (MCO) was reimposed by the federal government due to continuous spike in Covid-19 cases, schools across the country have been closed, with students continuing their studies through online learning from home (PdPr).  

Parents are still concerned about the daily rise in Covid-19 while students hope they get to go to schools in time to learn in classes before the year ends.

Overall, parents and students are optimistic that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon and that Sarawak will achieve its 80 percent herd immunity quickly. They look forward to the reopening of schools before this year ends.

Afnille Gill Gosi

Afnille Gill Gosi (student)

In my opinion, it will be good if all Sarawakians are vaccinated against Covid-19. I want schools to reopen soon because I enjoy learning in class with friends and teachers. It will also be good if the pandemic cases drop quickly but it depends on the situation. We just have to wait.

Sara Maliki

Sara Maliki (housewife)

I think schools should reopen when Sarawak has achieved its target of 80 percent herd immunity. As a mother, I see my children doing PdPr for months. It’s hard for them to understand fully what has been taught online. Some kids also feel left behind if they lack the internet connections. Of course, if the schools reopen, the standard operating procedures (SOP) for schools need to be implemented.

Danish Akhtar Muhamad Musa

Danish Akhtar Muhamad Musa (student)

I really hope schools will reopen when all the eligible vaccine recipients have been inoculated Online learning has less impact on me compared to going to classes and engaging with teachers and friends. If schools do reopen, I hope the SOPs are still implemented.

Jalina Maliki

Jalina Maliki (housewife)

If the Covid-19 cases here continue to rise, it is better to stick with online learning at home. I am concerned about my children’s health and, of course, their safety at school as well. If the state has achieved its 80 percent herd immunity, that will be good. 

Steve Chung

Steve Chung (administrator)

As a parent, I think schools should reopen after the state has its target of 80 percent herd immunity. Let the student attend physical classes they yearn for. However, students and teachers must continue to follow strict SOPs at all times for the sake of everyone.

Mohd Sophian Mohd Ali Yakop

Mohd Sophian Mohd Ali Yakop (civil servant)

It will be good news if all those eligible in the state are vaccinated. Then, schools can reopen and students can go to school. I hope this happens soon. I also hope the pandemic will end soon. SOPs still need to be followed because we never know when the virus will spread again.