Man stabbed in fight with brother

KUCHING: An altercation between two siblings, believed to be in their 50s, ended tragically when one was rushed to the hospital after he was stabbed.

Sources indicated that the incident, which took place at Taman Desa Wira here, occurred after the younger sibling was angered by his brother’s reprimand towards him following his refusal to care for their father at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) while they were travelling back home in a car at 9pm.

The argument quickly escalated into violence when the older sibling was stabbed in his abdomen with a sharp object by his brother, which in turn led to a crash by the side of the road. 

The incident, which occurred nearby their house, were realised by other family members who rushed to the scene and halted the fight between the brothers.

The victim was rushed to the hospital.

Police has yet to receive reports on the incident.