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NASA detects likely tremor on Mars

NASA’s robotic probe InSight has detected and measured what scientists believe to be a “marsquake”, marking the first time a likely seismological tremor has been recorded on another planet, according to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Michelle Hennessy reports.

That rumbling is being called a ‘Mars-quake.’

For the first time ever, scientists believe they’ve recorded likely tremors on a distant planet.

It was picked up five months after NASA’s InSight touched down on the red planet, for its two-year mission.

The robot spacecraft – seen here in this NASA animation – was designed specifically to study the deep interior of a distant world.

And scientists from the Jet Propulsion Lab in California believe the quake came from inside the planet.

While further tests are needed to prove that – it’s the most concrete evidence yet, of seismic signals being recorded outside Earth.

The scientists believe it was roughly equal to a mere 2.5 magnitude quake back home.

Mars doesn’t have tectonic plates – these tremors are caused by a cooling and contracting effect, that build enough energy to rupture the crust.

The InSight’s main investigator said it officially launches a whole new field… called ‘Martian Seismology.’ – Reuters



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