Miri DDMC releases SOP for inter-district travel

Lee (centre) chairing the Miri DDMC online meeting with departments and agencies.

MIRI: The Miri Division Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) has released the standard operating procedures (SOP) for inter-district travel.

“The conditions have already been approved by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) and will be a guideline for the police in approving inter-district travel.”

In line with movement restrictions in Phase Three of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), an online meeting with committee members was held and chaired by minister-in-charge Datuk Lee Kim Shin.

“Resident who wish to apply for a permit to travel between districts

(Miri, Subis, Marudi, Beluru and Telang Usan) must comply with the conditions set.”

Inter-district travel is allowed if there is an emergency such as family bereavement and  medical.

Patients who have appointments at health facilities as well as vaccination appointments are allowed to travel.

Those under essential services and executing official duties are allowed to travel between districts, as well as family visits such as visiting partners or parents visiting children aged 18 and below.

“For those going to their farms or orchards in villages, they need to get permission from the Agriculture Department.

“Those from remote areas are also allowed to travel between districts with permit to buy necessary items and the number people is according to the capacity of the vehicle.”

For these categories, Miri DDMC said  residents needed to produce documents to verify that they are fully vaccinated and a police permit or a letter  from their employers is needed.

It added that for emergency situations, they did not need to produce documents to verify their vaccination status.

“For those who cannot take the vaccine due to health reasons, it is necessary to show the doctor’s letter while getting the police permit.

“For those who have appointments at health facilities, emergency or no emergency, it is necessary to show patients record card or the doctor’s referral letter.”

Residents applying for permit for personal matters such as visiting relatives, family gatherings or outdoor activities, and social activities, including weddings, receptions and others, will not be approved.

The meeting was also attended by acting Miri Resident Jamalie Busri,

Miri Division health officer Dr P. Raviwharmman, Miri Hospital director Dr Jack Wong Siew Yu, as well as departments and agencies under Miri DDMC.

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