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Villagers call for urgent improvement to road

THIS former logging road is the only access to Kampung Tuba, Simunjan.

SIMUNJAN: The residents of Kampung Tuba Ulu here hoped that the government will speed up the upgrading works of a former logging road from Pantu Bazaar to the village. Such wish was expressed by the village chief, Gulu Empulu. According to him, the situation is becoming more dangerous during the present rainy season.

“The former logging road can even cause death because it is very slippery and having to cross a fast flowing river. “The road is the only access to our village and being used by the villagers to bring their children to SMK Simunjan and to go to Pantu Bazaar for other official engagements,” he said when met by reporters here, recently. Hence, Gura really hoped that the government will act as soon as possible to improve the road condition for the villagers to use safety.

Meanwhile, a teacher of SK Tuba, who is also a resident of the village, Saba Silong, said the school finds it difficult to conduct official engagement with Simunjan District Education Office (PPD). “I am often instructed by the school to attend official engagement at PPD Simunjan such as courses, sport activities, student motivation programms and others but am unable to because of the bad condition of the road. “There was a time when I have to turn back when asked to attend a course at PPD Simunjan because of a landslide which blocked the road after heavy rain,” Saba said.

Deputy village chief of Kampung Tuba Ulu, Muntigerai Enter i said the vi l lagers are patiently waiting for development but so far no significant changes have been seen.

“Prior to this, we were briefed by the Samarahan Division Public Works Department (JKR) that RM200,000 have been allocated to improve the road after a visit by Balai Ringin Assemblyman, Datuk Snowdan Lawan. “However, the allocation is not enough to improve the road,” he said.

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