SAR members search for the missing boy after his boat was found floating in Sungai Nanga Ensengei, Kanowit.

SIBU: An 18-year old boy, Dublin Clint is feared drowned after his fibre boat was found floating in Rajang River near Nanga Sungai Ensengei, Kanowit today.

The boat used by Dublin to deliver barrels of oil across the Kaabah River was found floating by local residents.

Fire and Rescue Services Department (Bomba) received a call on the incident at 9.13am yesterday.

“At about 7.30am, the victim, Dublin went out using a fibre boat to deliver a barrel of oil across the Kaabah River.

“However, at about 9.30am, the boat used by the victim was found floating by the residents at Rajang River near the mouth of Ensengai River. The victim was also not in the boat,” said a Bomba spokesperson in a statement.

A search and rescue operation (SAR) was launched after a police report was lodged at the Kanowit Police Station by the victim’s family.

According to the family, the victim is a holder of an OKU Card (meant for people with disability).

As of press time, the victim has yet to be found and is feared to have fallen into the river.