Over 1,000 received their jabs at Sri Aman Hall PPV

People wait in line for their turn to get vaccinated at the Sri Aman Hall PPV.

SRI AMAN: About 1,000 people in Sri Aman district received their Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine jabs at the Sri Aman Hall vaccination centre (PPV) yesterday (June 18).

Information Department (JaPen) Sri Aman spokesperson said the recipients arrived at the centre as early as 6am to await their turn to be vaccinated.

Seduku/Batang Lupar area chief Jiram Sampek, who was among the recipients, said he was relieved and happy to have completed his second dose of the vaccine.

He hoped the residents here would not believe the baseless allegations regarding the vaccines.

Arsat Lahar from Batu Lintang, Undop also expressed happiness at getting the vaccine while hoping that the vaccination programme would help in fighting the Covid-19 infection among communities.

As for Ema Enserudin and Puyu Labang from Tinting Kah, they were thankful and happy to finally receive their jabs of the vaccine.