Willie Mongin

KUCHING: Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin said the late Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos Mamit would always be remembered as a caring people’s elected representative who strived to do his best for his constituents.

Willie said during his four-term as Puncak Borneo MP (formerly known as Mambong constituency), Dawos brought necessary development to the constituents.

“Even when he was already quite frail, he still made it a point to attend community functions in his constituency to show his care and concern for the people.

“I am sure many have fond memories interacting with him, just as I do. Indeed he was like a father figure to me,” said Willie, who fought him once in the election, which Dawos won.

Willie Mongin

“Although we were opponents in politics, we were able to remain friends and maintain a cordial relationship because of the professionalism we both took great care to exercise in the course of conducting ourselves as politicians,” added Willie.

Willie said, after he won the Puncak Borneo seat in the last parliamentary election, the first he did was to pay Dawos a visit to get his advice and guidance.

On behalf of the people of Puncak Borneo constituency and members of PKR in the constituency, Willie extended his heartfelt condolences to the family members of Dawos.

“I pray that in this time of sadness and difficulty, the members of his family will be comforted and strengthened by his memories and by the love and mercy of God for their family.

“May God Almighty be merciful to him and may he rest in peace.”

Meanwhile, Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Henry Harry Jinep said: “We have lost a dedicated Bidayuh leader and a statesman.”

Henry said Dawos brought tourism development to the Bidayuh areas during his tenure as deputy minister of Tourism, adding that he would always be remembered.