Clarence Ting

SIBU: The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has been urged to reveal locations that were visited by Covid-19 patients here.

SDMC had disclosed that a total of 97 locations, mostly business premises here, were visited by Covid-19 positive patients between Jan 1 and Jan 12.

This had caused anxiety among property owners who were worried that their business operations would be affected.

Sibu Municipal Council (MPS) chairman, Clarence Ting Ing Horh said he had also received various feedbacks from owners of such premises.

“Yesterday I received a call from the owner of a supermarket here asking what they should do now. He informed that his supermarket has been listed among the locations visited by positive individuals.

“I advised him to send all his employees to undergo screening immediately,” he said.

Ting said the move was necessary to restore public confidence.

“I think it is good for SDMC to reveal the list of locations to warn owners of the premises about the danger. Without such disclosure, they themselves can also be infected because they do not know that their premises were visited by Covid-19 patient,” he said.

According to Ting, over the past ten months, he had often emphasised the importance of standard operating procedure (SOP) at business premises but many did not take it seriously.

“I always tell people, no matter what their favourite store is, without SOP avoid places that are too crowded. You will only endanger your own health,” he added.

“I advise you, if you want to open your shop, make sure the SOP is strictly adhered to. Make sure all your customers wear face masks, provide hand sanitiser and practise social distancing,” said Ting.