Firefighters try to revive the first drowning victim.

LAWAS: Two 16-year old boys, Ahmad Shukri Rosli and Abang Bukari Malikhan, drowned in a river near Kampung Tengah Trusan here yesterday afternoon.

Firefighters try to revive the first drowning victim.

Lawas fire chief Zaki @ Jiki Hussin said his station first received an emergency call about a drowning case around 3.15pm.

A team of firemen went to the scene and was told by a witness that the boys and some friends went to the river around 3pm to bathe.

Ahmad was said to have tried to swim to the bank when he got into trouble. Abang Bukari tried to save him, but he too drowned in the attempt.

Both victims were wearing black pants and were shirtless.

Using a villager’s boat, two firemen made a search by doing static diving around the location where the boys went. Two others searched closer to the bank using an aluminum boat.

 Ahmad was eventually found by the static diving team around 5pm. He was given CPR but it was too late.

Abang Bukari was found a short while after that near where Ahmad drowned.

Both were then taken to Trusan Clinic for verification of their status.