Recipients of food aid practising social distancing while receiving food aid from Loh (white shirt)

SIBU: Single mothers are also badly affected by the movement control order (MCO), said chairperson of PSB Dudong Women’s Wing, Kapitan Connie Loh.

She revealed that several single mothers in the Dudong constituency were laid off by their employers during the MCO period.

“Some were retrenched by their employers while others personally quit their job to look after their children as they feared they might contract Covid-19 and pass them the virus,” she said.

“There was also the case of a spinster whose tenant did not pay her the house rental as he claimed his business was very poor during the MCO period.

“She has no job and is only depending on the rental. From April to now, the tenant has refused to pay for the rental. She came to me for financial assistance as she also has health problem,” said Loh.

She revealed there were currently about 150 single mothers in the Dudong area registered with I-Care Fund of PSB Dudong Women Section who had been receiving monthly aid from them.

“They are all from less privileged families. Most of them have kids at home and the entire families depend on them.

“Some even have serious health issues themselves. Because of Covid-19, some of them have lost their jobs and are already struggling financially to make ends meet,” said Loh.

The financial assistance of RM300 for single mothers and persons with disability from the federal government meant a lot to them, she said.

“They can at least use the money to buy food and essential items for their families,” she added.

The PSB Dudong Women’s Wing on Monday (June 8) handed out food aid which comprised of rice, dry noodles and Milo to single mothers.

“During MCO, we could not give out the food aid as group gatherings were not allowed. At times, I will send to their houses myself,” she said.