Smooth process as over 1,000 vaccinated in Debak

Taip giving the thumbs up after receiving his vaccine.

DEBAK: Some 1,800 residents in the Debak sub-district received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine as part of the second phase of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) at the Dewan Perpaduan vaccination centre (PPV).

The two-day programme went smoothly, with 1,560 residents from Kg Bungey, Kg Lalang, Kg Babu, Kg Debak Laut, and various settlements receiving their jabs while another 240 received theirs on Thursday (July 1).

Mobile PPVs were also provided for those living far from the main PPV.

Chief village Abang Kifrawi Abang Rukaili gave his thumbs up to the mobile PPV service.

“There is no need to travel to Betong or Spaoh now to be vaccinated. This has saved vaccine recipients from forking out much-needed funds.

“I hoped that the second dose of vaccine can be done via mobile PPV as well.”

He added: “Apart from registering through the MySejahtera app, residents can also register through the forms distributed by the Debak Sub-District Office.”

Meanwhile, Taip Shamsuddin, 45, from Kg Debak Laut, said he was initially hesitant to get the vaccine shot.

“After seeing so many getting theirs, I realised the necessity of immunisation to protect myself and my family, and I just had to get vaccinated.”

Rose Yak, 48, a hawker in Debak town, was delighted when it was her turn to receive the jab.

“As a trader, I feel the need to get vaccinated immediately to protect myself and I am glad to be vaccinated finally.”