Team passes 6 declarations

Arun (seated, third left) with other members of Sekat during the press conference.

KUCHING: Seni Khat Action Team (Sekat) has passed six declarations on empowering the national language.

Its secretary, Arun Dorasamy said, the Sarawak Voice Declaration was a move at empowering the national language without neglecting the importance of the vernacular languages and schools.  

“The national language is the right of all Malaysians and should not be used as a political tool by any single race or party,” he said in a press conference at a hotel here on Saturday.  

Among the declarations are to upholding the national language; to raise the voices of Sabah and Sarawak in Putrajaya; the right to establish vernacular schools or learning of mother-tongue by all races; the national language is a language of unity, without any implicit agendas or the purposes of exalting a nation or religion and to fully recognise the Malaysia Agreement 1963.    

On another note, Sekat said it had sent a memorandum to Education Minister Md Radzi Md Jidin on the introduction of Jawi-Khat learning in schools.