The pometia pinnata seeds (biji Buah Kristal) are they really safe to eat?

Buah Kristal. Photo: Facebook FAMA Negeri Johor

KUCHING: The pometia pinnata (buah kristal) is reportedly flooding the local markets with people queuing to buy the delicious fruit.

Some people claim that its seeds are also delicious when fried, but are they really safe to eat?

According to Facebook user Normala Akim, the pometia pinnata seeds taste like beans.

She said it can be fried with a little oil, then sprinkled with salt and flavor enhancers.

“Delicious, it tastes like fried beans (ground nuts),” she said in a tweet on Facebook.

Sharing her cooking method, she explained the pometia pinnata seeds should be soaked overnight.

“Wash and drain, then fry with a little oil. After frying, sprinkle a little salt as well as some flavor enhancers before eating,” she said.

If boiled, it will taste like jack fruit seeds or chestnuts and is not bitter.

However, there are also social media users who cannot accept the pometia pinnata seeds.

According to Rose Abdullah’s experience, after eating the pometia pinnata seeds, she reportedly felt sick.

Rose Abdullah’s bitter experience

“This is my experience of eating pometia pinnata seeds this morning. It truly is delicious, but after eating it, I feel nauseous and my head feels like it is spinning. Other than that, I feel like I want to vomit and defecate,” she shared.

At the end of her experience sharing, she called on people not to try to eat pometia pinnata seeds.

She opined that maybe it is not suitable for the digestive system but interestingly, the local markets are currently flooded with the fruit which is only available in the state.

Sarawak exported 3.2 tonnes of the fruits to Peninsular Malaysia on June 16, for sale in the West Malaysian market.

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