Traders switching to online sales


KUCHING: Local traders are turning to digital platforms to promote and sell their products.

According to Bazaar Rakyat Online Sarawakku Sayang (BROSS) founder Mohd Nazreen Kassim Ismail, the development of online sales platform in Facebook page received tremendous support from local traders as most buyers and sellers are encouraged to deal online under the new norm.

“BROSS has been well received by entrepreneurs across the state since it was introduced last year,” Nazreen told Suara Sarawak in a recent interview.

He revealed that in the first week alone, BROSS registered some 300 entrepreneurs in its online sales platform.

Bazaar Rakyat Online Sarawakku Sayang (BROSS) Facebook page.

“Even more surprising, 11,000 entrepreneurs were registered with us the following week.

“The drastic increase occurred because traders realised the importance of digital platforms in helping to promote their products.

“In addition, most of those who register with us are traders whose income was affected due to the implementation of the movement control order (MCO),” he explained, adding that BROSS now has almost 40,000 entrepreneurs registered with it.

He said among the factors that attract the large number of entrepreneurs to be registered with BROSS is that the online platform often share useful information related to government assistance (for traders) as well as business knowledge to its followers on Facebook.

Mohd Azizul Ghani holds a big burger that contains 500g Usna patty.

Meanwhile, Burger Muscleman stall owner Mohd Azizul Ghani, who uses digital platforms in his business, said realising the importance of practising the new norm to curb the Covid-19 outbreak, he has started providing delivery service to his customers.

“In addition to taking their orders at my stall, customers can also choose delivery service.

“I have been using runner services to help me do deliveries since the MCO came into force last year,” he added.

Shahrizan Tan Abdullah (right) owner of Alex’s Kitchen Halal Food.

For Shahrizan Tan Abdullah, owner of Alex’s Kitchen Halal Food, he said in line with the new norm, which encourages the community to just stay at home if there is no important business, he also provides delivery services to his customers.

Salim with his delicious suntong tutok.

Meanwhile, Sotong Salim stall owner Salim Brahim said since he could not run his business for three months following the implementation of MCO last year, his son has used the social media power such as Facebook to promote his products as well as provide delivery services to customers.

Renderar Derman owner of Rend’s Burger Cafe

For Renderar Derman, owner of Rend’s Burger Cafe, he said the demand for food delivery from his restaurant was quite high last year as people were still worried about getting out of the house following the Covid-19 outbreak.