Major Pahot (standing left) presenting the wheelchair to Goan (seated left) in his residence on Thursday.

BAU: A paralysed veteran of Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) received a wheelchair from the Sarawak Department of Veterans Affairs (JHEV) on Thursday.

Sarawak JHEV director Major Pahot Joll paid a visit to Sarawakian veteran Goan Moin at his residence at Kampung Segong, Singai, Bau to present him the wheelchair which would enable him to move around in the house or to attend follow-up treatment in hospital.

Goan’s paralysed condition happened since 2010 and he also suffered from chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

In addition to that, his wife Felex Nura Tusun has the same fate of having chronic kidney disease since 2015 and has to undergo haemodialysis three times a week.

The couple’s living and housing conditions are in a dire state.

Therefore, JHEV Sarawak also helped to process applications for Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) and other equipment for Goan and his wife.