Yii barking up the wrong tree
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KUCHING: Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii is clearly barking up at the wrong tree in calling for a check and balance system to be put in place in the running of government-linked companies in Sarawak.

“His so-called proposed reforms to be implemented in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) is not only absurd and but also reflected his utter ignorance of the entire subject as it is crystal clear he was barking up the wrong tree,” said political secretary to the premier of Sarawak Abdul Samat Gany.

He pointed out that Dr Yii has failed to comprehend or take cognizant that the people had placed strong confidence in the way the state government was being administered when the voters re-elected the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government with triumphant victory, winning 76 out of 82 seats it contested in the last state election.

The opposition, Democratic Action Party (DAP) in particular, on the other hand, suffered a near wipeout, retaining only two out of seven seats it held during the previous state election.

The strong mandate given by the electorate proved that the state was in the safe hands of the GPS government, he added.

Abdul Samat believed the issue was brought up as a political gimmick to put himself in the limelight knowing very well the next general election was round the corner.

“The highly developed ethic infrastructure and instruments of check and balance deeply ingrained within its administration ensure not only high standards of governance. They also ensure integrity and transparency operating at their highest possible level. 

“It is very regretful to note that YB Dr Yii’s myopic mindedness and view of what the GPS government has been doing in putting in place some of the ethics program initiatives in its administration only to cause himself a victim of self-infliction and seen as being drowned into oblivion in the eyes of the public.

Abdul Samat said Dr Yii’s so-called proposed reforms had definitely put himself out of phase, adding it also showed that the MP lacked the ability to take full grasp of what the GPS state government had so far been doing in fostering high ethical standards.

He said while we fully respected that opposition parties were democratically elected into the state assembly, over the years, their presence was seen gradually diminishing as voters had eventually realised that they had failed in their duties to make noticeable contributions as responsible assemblymen.

Opportune times in DUN seating were used to make mountain of promises which, in their 22-month in power under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government, had miserably failed to honour the promises made such as increasing 20 per cent petroleum royalty as well as 50 per cent of the tax revenue collected return to the state.

“Neither too had we ever heard them successfully pursuing probe of any major or high profile cases of alleged power abuse, irregularities or corruptions happening in the state administration though they have all the necessary means to initiate such action, if any, during their 22 months of ruling,” Abdul Samat added.

On the contrary, he said this only served to signify and prove beyond any reasonable doubts that the GPS state government under the pragmatic and visionary leadership of Premier Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg was well administered and had earned reputable respect both locally and internationally.

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