Another longhouse put under EMCO

KUCHING:  The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee on Sunday announced the enforcement of the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) at Rumah (Rh) Kedeney, Beleti Undop in the Sri Aman district from Monday (July 12) until July 18.

It also announced the end of the EMCO at eight localities in the Bintulu, Mukah and Sri Aman districts.

“As of Sunday, the Sebangun Company Quarters, Jalan Tanjung Kidurong in the Bintulu district will end its EMCO.

“On Monday (July 12), the EMCO at Rh Malang Anak Bada, Sg Bayan; Balingan Power Generation (BPG) Workers’ Quarters, Mukah-Sibu Road and Mukah 1 Plantation Workers Quarters, Sarawak Plantation Agriculture Development Sdn Bhd (SPAD) in the Mukah district will also end,” it said.

The committee also announced the end of the EMCO at four longhouses in the Sri Aman district on Monday (July 12).

The longhouses are Rh Angsat, Kampung Pakit B; Rh Majeng, Kampung Po Ai; Rh Kedeni, Kampung Batu Besai and Rh Mengga, Kampung Batu Besai.

The SDMC also revealed that the Pakan district turned yellow on Sunday (July 11) after recording 17 local infection cases in the past 14 days.