Azam continues to help upskill local youths

KUCHING: Angkatan Zaman Mansang (Azam) Sarawak continued its efforts to develop and engage local youths for development in the state by organising a programme titled “Azam Youth Upskilling Programme 2019”.

Themed “Inspire, Impact, Influence”, 15 Azam Young Souls members attended the programme, aimed to build their capacity as productive socio-economic resources for Sarawak.

The programme was also partly to nurture the participants to be effective volunteers especially in their roles and contributions in Azam’s activities promoting development communication in Sarawak.

One of the group session activities during the programme.

Conducted by Azam member and professional trainer, Telemachus Lo, the main topics highlighted in the programme were: Working with Self; Explaining Emotional Quotient for Personal Mastery and The ABC Concept for Personal Change, Working With Goals, A Session To Determine The Power Of Goal-Setting and Learning The Characteristics Of SMART Goals, and Planning And Problem Solving, which required youths to develop skills in planning and solving problems.

“In order to change ourselves, you must know your strength and weaknesses, then develop, and work on our area of strength,” Telemachus told the participants.

Other topic highlights included the knowledge sharing session titled “Effective Goal Settings” from an inspirational local youth, Jason Teo, on the five steps to effective goal settings including knowing what you love, breaking them down to small steps, giving yourself deadlines, reward and punishment, and getting a mentor.

“By setting a goal, it gives you a path to follow, a plan and lets you know what to focus on,” Teo said.

Teo, who is an outstanding member of Azam Toastmasters Club, recently won third place in the Annual Conference for District 87, Toastmasters International in Medan, Indonesia.

“Being part of Azam Sarawak is part of a great journey and most of the skills gained by our youth volunteers have been from the programmes that were organised by Azam Sarawak.

“I hope that Azam Young Souls actively participating and contributing in any Azam’s programmes will keep the momentum and be effective, especially in volunteering,” said Mohamad Wasli Mohd Ismail, Community Development Officer of Azam Sarawak. Wasli was previously an Azam Young Souls member back in 2012.

“For today’s programme it is more in terms of practical application which makes it easier for me to understand, especially in setting up goals for my own benefit. I was interested in the Ikigai (life purpose) concept in planning for a better life and future due to its structured diagram,” said one of the participants of the programme, Seph Haini.

The first series of Youth Upskilling which started in 2017 focused on key soft skills like presentation and communication skills, business etiquette, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

A photocall of participants and Lo together with the trainer of the first youth upskilling programme, Mohd Ariff Irwani Azahari and Azam Deputy CEO Rosalind Yang Misieng.