Bonding time with the family

Another benefit of staying at home is having the opportunities and time to bond with their family members. Photo: Mike Scheid

KUCHING: Most Malaysians have adjusted their lives to adapt to the new normal, which includes staying at home due to the strictness and necessity of the movement control order (MCO) imposed in an attempt to bring down the number of Covid-19 cases.

Many bread-earners are now wisely using the time they have at home to do various tasks which otherwise would have been neglected had they been too busy elsewhere like what happened during the pre-pandemic days.

Another benefit of staying at home is having the opportunities and time to bond with their family members with whom they had spent little time before the pandemic struck the country.

As strange as it may sound, the MCO has turned out to be an unintended blessing to many people, and it came in disguise.   

Mohd Kamil Hassan
MOHD KAMIL HASSAN (Warehouse executive)

I used to be very busy and only had time to spend with my family on weekends. But since the implementation of the MCO, I have been spending more time with my family. For example, right now, my nine-year-old son is very interested in football, so I usually just watch football with him.

Nur Azizah Zafri Ahmad

I am a mother of three and it is hard to take care of them. But since the MCO, my husband has been helping me to take care of the kids and also my extra ‘son’, Tobby the cat. This has eased my job as a mother. Sometimes before going to bed, my husband and I will watch movies together.

Maisarah Ahmad Zaidi

Before the MCO, I always went out with my friends and studied together. But after the MCO, I am spending more time with my little sister and family. Sometimes, I teach my sister mathematics. I’ve been helping my mother in the kitchen and learning to cook from her.

Ismail Iskandar Abdul Wahid

I have two kids, one in middle school and one in university. They used to hang out with their friends but since the MCO,   they have been staying at home. This allows us to bond with each other, especially at night. I get to watch football with my sons.

Mohd Kahlik Sabri
MOHD KAHLIK SABRI (Cargo shipping officer)

Before the MCO, I was always busy with my job. Sometimes, I had to work at night. But now with the MCO, I get to spend more time with my wife and my two daughters who are currently working from home. I see my daughters and my wife cooking and baking in the kitchen.

Amy Kahtijah Wahab
AMY KAHTIJAH WAHAB (Businesswoman)

Because I cannot open my boutique during the MCO, I am now selling my products online. This requires me to be at home, and to spend time with my husband, who is also working from home due to the pandemic. But the most special thing is that my son and I are gardening together, a rare thing before the MCO.