Harden (centre) with other dignitaries tossing Yee Sang (prosperity toss) at the event.

SRI AMAN: Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister Datuk Francis Harden Hollis yesterday called upon Sarawakians to continue living in harmony.

He said that the state of Sarawak is an icon of unity in Malaysia, thus, implying that the Chinese New Year celebration is one of the examples of unity which brings people of different religions together.

He said this when officiating at the Majlis Ikatan Perpaduan and appreciation ceremony in conjunction with the 2020 Chinese New Year celebration held at Sri Aman Civic Centre, yesterday.

Harden said, “The purpose of the event was to honour and recognise the Tiong Hua community who had recently celebrated the 2020 Chinese New Year celebration.

“Apart from that, we want to foster ties and promote unity among the guests while exchanging ideas on building life as well as to be grateful towards the state of Sarawak for uniting within multicultural society.”

About 700 people attended the event which was organised by Department of National Unity and National Integration (JPNIN) in collaboration with Sri Aman neighbourhood watch (KRT) committee.

Also present at the event were JPNIN Sarawak director Dirwana Azool, Sri Aman Resident Indit Bangai, Sri Aman District Officer Mohd Ashree Wee, Sri Aman Land and Survey Department superintendent Doris Synia and Lubok Antu District Police Chief DSP Abdul Samat Amit.

Harden (centre) with other dignitaries tossing Yee Sang (prosperity toss) at the event.