Yussibnosh Balo

MUKAH: Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo said he fully supported the state government’s initiative in surveying native customary rights (NCR) land under Section 6 and Section 18 of the state Land Code.

He said irrespective of the size of the land, the government would continue to carry out the surveying work so as to recognise the people’s right over their NCR lands.

“Under normal circumstances, survey work on any particular land under Section 18 can only be implemented once it has been confirmed that there is no overlapping claims or disagreements pertaining to the boundary between the connecting villages,” he said in response to a statement by Ba’kalalan assemblyman Baru Bian who had questioned the initiative.

According to Yussibnosh, he was quite well versed with the requirement and implementation process of Section 6 and Section 18 of the state Land Code as he had dealt quite a fair deal with it during his stint as a district officer.

The implementation of survey works under Section 6 and followed by Section 18 were crucial to ensure a smooth process in issuance of land titles for the lands surveyed, he added.