Don’t visit Mukah district for now

A notice by Mukah District Disaster Management Committee advising people outside Mukah district to refrain from visiting the area for the time being.

MUKAH: Members of the public outside Mukah district have been advised not to visit, conduct fishing and hunting and hunting activities at longhouses or villages in or near the district for the time being.

According to a Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas) report, the Mukah District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC), in a statement dated April 30, had issued this advice to the public to contain the spread of Covid-19.

“Mukah DDMC is seeking the cooperation of all residents outside the area (outsiders) not to carry out activities such as visiting, hunting and fishing to longhouses or other villages for now to curb the spread of the virus, especially in the longhouse areas under the supervision of Penghulu Empaling Beji, Penghulu Mawar Awang and Penghulu Thomas Tayai,” it said.

The committee added that a study of the Covid-19 cases in Mukah district and Balingian sub-district had revealed many cases were caused by social activities such as visits by family members or relatives from outside the areas.

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