Food aid for quarantine-hit residents

The ‘Program Kuyut Sekampung’ provides food assistance to families undergoing quarantine in Kampung Moyan Laut.

ASAJAYA: Residents undergoing quarantine at Kampung Moyan Laut recently received assistance in the form of fresh food supply and nutritious snacks from the village’s Tanah Perkuburan dan Wakaf (burial and wakaf) committee.

Committee chairman Sariee Suot said that the assistance is an addition to the food baskets which have been prepared by the district office.

He said the committee understands that it is difficult for the families affected to go out and get fresh food supply; thus, among the items provided in the assistance were chicken, vegetables, and fruits.

“This noble effort is part of the committee’s ‘Program Kuyut Sekampung’ — this programme is entirely funded by contributions from the local residents.

“This programme will be ongoing throughout the pandemic; thus, we would like to urge the public especially the residents of Kampung Moyan Laut to continue channelling cash donation or necessity items needed by families who are undergoing quarantine,” he said in a statement on Tuesday (Sept 7).

Meanwhile, project coordinator Buseri Busman said that continuous efforts will be carried out to improve the programme such as adding other items including baby milk formula, diapers, and mild medication.

Sariee also expressed gratitude to the other committee members who have contributed donations of cash and essential items.