Great help to lighten burden of many

Datuk Willie Mongin at the meeting.

KUCHING: Puncak Borneo MP Datuk Willie Mongin welcomed the allocation of RM300,000 by the federal government to all MPs including the opposition under the National People’s Well-Being and Economic Recovery Package (Pemulih).

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the aid package in his special address which was broadcast live on television on Monday (June 28).

The food basket assistance is to help affected groups in the respective parliamentary constituencies.

“It is a great help which will enable the MPs to lighten the burden of many, “said Willie who is also Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities.

“In fighting the current pandemic, there are so many folk who are directly and indirectly affected economically. 

“For example, in my own Puncak Borneo constituency, I receive applications for food aid every day from many people. 

“It is really sad for me to witness the troubles and hardships of all these folks, especially the elderly and children in the villages. 

“Looking at the worsening health crisis these days,  the people’s needs and the economy should definitely take priority and precedence over everything else.”.

He added the people should now convince their MPs to put politicking on hold and expend all energies on getting them out of their current crisis by fixing the economy while tackling the pandemic at the same time.

“There is certainly no time to lose and no energy to spare. We should all put aside politics for the time being. This is the right time to stand behind our prime minister and country to overcome the nation’s crisis.

“After all, isn’t politics about finding the best solutions to people’s problems? So, we better put our differences aside and concentrate on our commonalities,” said Willie.