Huzir Mohamed


PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry (KPM) will not compromise with anyone who violates the Malaysian Constitution whether intentionally or otherwise.

Responding to the viralled video on schoolchildren singing the national anthem in Mandarin, the ministry said in a statement, detailed investigations were being carried out.

“KPM was aware of the spreading of a video on schoolchildren singing Negaraku which was being translated into Mandarin and other languages besides the national language which went viral on social media.

“A detailed investigation on the issue has been carried out, which is also happening in several other schools,” the statement said.

The one minute and 23-second video showing a student singing Negaraku in Mandarin was allegedly recorded on Sept 26, 2018, at a school in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Huzir Mohamed

The police are opening an investigation over an allegation that students at a school sang ‘Negara Ku’ in Mandarin as viraled on the social media today, Bukit Aman CID director, Datuk Huzir Mohamed said.

“The video is an old one and we will open an investigation,’’ he said when contacted by Bernama here. – Bernama