Salman (left) and his team hope to keep the Melanau art of weaving alive.

MUKAH: The art of weaving is in danger of disappearing if appropriate steps are not taken to ensure its survival.

Edmund Salman Tuna, who is in his 50s, and his team are among the few in Kampung Seri Tellian (Tellian Tengah) and Kampung Tellian Daya (Tellian Ulu) here, trying to keep the Melanau art of weaving alive for future generations.

His team comprised women aged 40 and above.

On Monday (July 27), Salman and a selected few weavers took part in a refresher course at a hall in Kampung Tellian Daya.

Early this year, an Aluih Pa’a (fine handwork) workshop was organised at the same venue with the objective of promoting and preserving the art.

About 50 people attended the workshop, which saw Salman and his experienced weavers providing guidance.