Lee visits Kpg Batu 1

MIRI: State Assistant Tourism Minister, Datuk Lee Kim Shin on Wednesday visited the Pasar Nelayan (fish market) at Kpg Batu 1, Kuala Baram, near here to look at the boat shade that was recently damaged by flood and strong winds.

Arrangement has been made to repair the boat shade. “We received the photos this morning, where flood happened because of the sea water coming into the boat shade area,” said Lee when met at the scene yesterday.

“The proposed seawall costing RM25 million has been approved and should be implemented as soon as possible. This project is urgent as it affects the safety and livelihood of fisherman in this area,” said Lee.

During yesterday’s visit, the fishermen in the area also urged Lee to liase with the authorities to carry out the seawall project without further delay. Lee revealed that the consultant had been appointed and survey and design works were done.

“Tentatively, tender will be out this year,” he stressed, adding that the fishermen’s livelihood and safety are top priorities. “We hope the federal government will expedite and implement this project by DID as scheduled,” said Lee.

The flood at Pasar Nelayan, Kampung Batu 1, Kuala Baram.