Mixed views on implementing Undi18 through automatic voter registration

By Petronella Langita Felix

WHILE youth fully support the implementation of Undi18 which will allow 18 to 20-year-olds to vote, they are undecided as to whether it should be implemented together with the automatic voter registration (AVR).

According to a poll by New Sarawak Tribune, some youth feel that the Undi18 should be prioritised to ensure the voices of young people are heard as the AVR will take some time to implement.

Others believe that AVR and Undi18 should take effect together to prevent confusion and allow an efficient voting process.

In a televised address on August 13, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin agreed to implement Undi18 should the confidence motion for bipartisan support be passed in Parliament.

Muhyiddin said the Bill would allow youth aged 18 to 20 years old to vote without having to wait for the implementation of AVR.

Previously in March, the Election Commission said the implementation of Undi18 and AVR was delayed due to the movement control order (MCO).

Federal lawmakers crossed the political aisle and voted unanimously to amend the Federal Constitution in July 2019 and lower the minimum voting age from 21 to 18.

Nurfazriena Zefree

Nurfazriena Zefree, Entrepreneur

Implementing Undi18 will be a good move because youth aged 18-20 years old should have the rights to choose political leaders too. It is fine to skip the AVR because it is uncertain how long we must wait for it.

Mohd Aliff Haikal

Mohd Aliff Haikal, Student

Yes, we can skip the AVR so that we do not delay youth’s rights to vote any further. Youth are the future of our country and they know about politics even though they are not given the rights to vote.

Ivan Fernandez Lee

Ivan Fernandez Lee Oscar Ivan, student

Good move to implement Undi18 but I think it should be implemented jointly with the AVR process. Joint implementation will help the youth to understand the process better. We can also avoid confusion or uncertainties which may cause the youth to reconsider partaking in elections.

Dyg Balqis Zuhayra

Dyg Balqis Zuhayra, Student

Undi18 should be implemented jointly with AVR to ease the registration process and avoid confusion during any election in the future. Youth nowadays are politically aware and should have a chance to vote for competent political leaders in the future.

Erinda Andriana

Erinda Andriana, Student

It is better for the government to wait for the AVR so that we can have an efficient and reliable Undi18 process. The right to vote itself is a big responsibility and we should make sure that the youth are ready for it.

Dohaizal Hakimi

Dohaizal Hakimi Doiskanda, Student

Undi18 should be implemented jointly with the AVR so that youth can partake in the upcoming elections without much fuss in terms of registration. Undi18 will balance the youth’s voices and adults’ voices during an election.

Nur Liyana Fatin

Nur Liyana Fatin Noorashikin, Student

A good Bill to be tabled as youth have their own political overviews and should have rights to vote for the right leaders to govern the country towards a better future. I think it is fine to skip the AVR and proceed with the Undi18 implementation as proposed.

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