New cases drop; four deaths

KUCHING: Sarawak recorded 289 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday (July 14) although cases are on the decline.

Six cases involved immigration detainees in Kuching and one in Simunjan from Ops Benteng.

Kuching recorded 137 new cases; Sibu, 31; Bukit Mabong, 16; Samarahan and Beluru, 14 each and Miri, 12.

Eight cases were reported in Saratok, Sarikei and Betong; seven in Serian; six in Subis; five in Meradong; four each in Bintulu and Tatau; three in Bau as well as two each in Kapit and Selangau.

The districts of Tebedu, Sri Aman, Lundu, Asajaya, Kanowit, Simunjan, Telang Usan and Pakan recorded one case each.

“Of the total, 172 were individuals who had close contact with Covid-19 cases; 38 were individuals from active clusters; 45 were from screening of symptomatic individuals at health facilities and 34 were from other screenings at health facilities,” said the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

The death toll is now 439 after four fatalities were recorded on Wednesday.

The 436th death was a 71-year-old local man from Serian District. He was confirmed positive on July 12 and had high blood pressure.

The 437th death was a 55-year-old local woman from Kapit District, confirmed positive on June 30.

She passed away at Kapit Hospital, and had high blood pressure, asthma and heart disease.

The 438th death was an 84-year-old local man from Song District, confirmed positive on June 30.

He passed away at Kapit Hospital and had  high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and stroke.

The 439th death was a 47-year-old local man from Serian, who was confirmed positive on June 26.

He passed away at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) and had high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia, gout, heart disease as well as kidney disease.

On a brighter note, SDMC said there were 1,917 new recoveries at hospitals and low-risk treatment centres (PKRCs) statewide.

783 were from SGH and its PKRC; 414 from Miri Hospital and its PKRC; 356 from Sibu Hospital and its PKRC; 113 from Kapit Hospital and its PKRC; 88 from Bintulu Hospital and its PKRC; 58 from Sri Aman Hospital and its PKRC as well as 43 from Sarikei Hospital and its PKRC.

Betong PKRC recorded 37 recoveries; Mukah PKRC, 13; Serian PKRC, nine; and Lawas PKRC, three.

The numbers bring the total of recovered and discharged patients to 62,488 (89.44 per cent) so far.

There are 6,777 individuals still undergoing treatment  at PKRCs and isolation wards statewide.