Personnel gearing up to clean their assigned places.

KUCHING: In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, there are frontlines putting their lives at risk, carrying out their responsibilities and serving the community to prevent the spread of the virus.

Apart from local authorities to ensure enforcement and public safety, many health practitioners were called to be on duty in treating the infected persons and they include those who returned from retirement.

In Sarawak alone, over 1,800 workers of One Medicare Sdn Bhd in 23 hospitals throughout the state are working day and night.

Among them are cleaning operators, porter, linen and laundry management workers, clinical waste lorry drivers and technicians who have been staying up late, away from their families.

We may not be able to get a close look at the people behind the scenes, but they are the heroes in the frontline dealing with the outbreak on a daily basis and protecting the nation so that the people can continue living as usual.

While we look forward to the latest developments from the Ministry of Health, sadly, despite these unsung heroes’ sacrifices, some members of the public are spreading lies and fake news to scare people and causing outrage without taking into account the impact on the morale of those behind the scenes.

Thus, the least that people could do is to be supportive and cheer on the frontliners by not adding to their burden but comply with the movement control order and practise the dos and don’ts.

If we don’t value these heroes ourselves, who will?