Nursing graduate sells crochet handbags

Some of the crochet handbags that Susan makes for her customers.

KUCHING: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. This proverb is certainly true in the case of Susan Giro, 34.


Before she lived with her sister who is a good knitter, the Penan housewife did not know how to crochet.

“From her, I learnt how to crochet and produce some crocheted craft items such as key chains of various shapes and other products made from nylon threads. I became involved in crochet and crafts in 2018.”

Now, Susan makes crochet handbags based on customers’ patterns.

“I am selling a crochet handbag for as low as RM80 according to the size and decoration preferred by a customer. Customers are also free to choose their favourite colours and patterns when ordering. 

“So far, I have received many orders from friends and close family members who are interested in my handmade crochet handbags,” she said.

Susan also receives orders for key chains, laptop bags, and other crafts made from nylon threads.

Some of the crochet handbags that Susan makes for her customers.

She said it would take her about one to two weeks to crochet a handbag. 

“I am thankful because this business still gives a return, albeit on a small scale,”

“So far, my customers are from Sarawak, particularly Miri, and Kuching,” she said.

Susan, a Nursing Diploma graduate from Segi College, said,“After graduating in 2013, I took up various jobs to support  my husband and family.

“Later on, I decided to try my luck in business to earn extra cash.”

Although she can produce a variety of crochet crafts including tissue boxes, key chains and mobile phone cases, Susan prefers to sell crochet handbags.

“I hope that my business will expand in future,” she said.   

Those   interested to order any crochet crafts from Susan can visit Anne Lee Facebook or contact her at 011-14001670 for further inquiries and reservations.

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