Phase 2 of National Recovery Plan highly welcomed by Sarawakians

Datuk Sim Kiang Chiok

KUCHING: Sarawak’s shift from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) on Wednesday (July 14) shows that the state’s vaccination rollout is good with over 50,000 doses administered per day, says Datuk Sim Kiang Chiok.

The Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (Sheda) Kuching branch chairman believed that this entry into Phase 2 was highly welcomed by all Sarawakians.

“It is better to detach the roadmap from the central government with regard to the timeline, as each state can be at different phases of the NRP as the infection rates are different from state to state,” he said on Tuesday (July 13).

He said consistent vaccine arrivals would also help Sarawak to keep up with its vaccination rollout, meeting the target of achieving herd immunity by the end of next month.

“It is heartening to also note that by Sarawak Day, July 22, we may have fully vaccinated about 50 per cent of our population and we might even move on to Phase 3 by the end of this month.

“This would give our Independence Day new emphasis on new freedom, that is, free from the virus rather than our colonial masters then.”

Sim said that with the good vaccination efforts carried out by the Health Ministry and the well-organised vaccination centres all over Sarawak, the target of vaccinating 80 per cent of the population and attaining herd immunity could be achieved as scheduled.

“With our health being protected from the virus, now it is time for our livelihood to be resumed cautiously so that we would not have another lockdown again.”

He predicted that this lockdown could be the last, with the state’s good vaccination rollout.

“However, we must keep to the standard operating procedure (SOP) of washing our hands, wearing our masks, and practising social distancing until we have achieved herd immunity, even though we are vaccinated.”

He noted that as per the SOP for Phase 2, most essential industries and sectors would be allowed to open.

Among other measures, Sim also took note that the curfew would be lifted, while social, tourism, and cultural activities would still not be permitted.