Politeknik Mukah holds pilot Customer Day

Dullah (back row, centre) with Mohd Sani and Iskandar (right) at one of PMU’s service management units.

MUKAH: Politeknik Mukah (PMU) held its pilot Customer Day at its multipurpose hall here on Tuesday (Sept 15).

Its director, Dullah Muluk, said the next event would be opened to the public.

The objectives of Tuesday’s event, among others, was to provide an opportunity to PMU staff to ask questions, give suggestions and complain on matters related to service, salary, leave and others, directly to officers on duty.

“It also serves to foster closer rapport between supporting section, management and all PMU staff,” he said when officiating the event.

Dullah hoped that the event could also provide feedback and be used as input, for the planning and assessment of administrative service at PMU, to create a customer-friendly culture towards enhancing PMU’s image.

He revealed that the programme involved various PMU service management units namely finance and accounts, assets management, resource centre, communications and corporate and others.

He added that three other agencies were also invited namely National Higher Education Fund Corporation, Tabung Haji and Baitulmal Mukah branch.

Dullah explained that the agencies were important to PMU because they could provide opportunities to PMU to ask relevant matters pertaining to loans, financial assistance, savings and others.

PMU deputy director Mohd Sani Said and deputy director (academic support) Iskandar Reduan also attended the event.