Relevant authorities need to take action over stagnant water

Stagnant water which has been lingering for the past few days.

PUSA: The prolonged stagnant water situation at residences near Dato Godam, Selulap, Mbaduk and Meruang areas here has instilled anxiety and fear among its residents.

Speaking to New Sarawak Tribune’s sister paper Suara Sarawak, the residents opined that there seem to be no action taken to solve the problems that they are facing.

“I don’t know what the authorities are doing and we are still waiting.

“The situation is getting worse, especially during the rainy season as it would cause the residential area to be flooded,” said one of the residents, who declined to be named.

According to him, the water has not receded since last week.

“This has limited our movement to conduct daily errands and has affected crops and livestock as well as damaged property. We also fear dangerous animals that could pose a threat to the public.

“There are also residents who had complained of becoming too stressful that they are unable to get enough sleep due to the fear of rising water as well as being infected by waterborne diseases due to the overdue water stagnation.

“We hope that a solution can be taken immediately,” he said, adding that the actions are eagerly awaited by more than 50 residences there.

He also suggested that the drainage system at nearby areas be maintained and cleaned regularly, adding that it would also be possible to build a concrete ditch so that it is not easily clogged and for those who suffer losses to be given assistance.