Rempeyek entrepreneur praises government for aid

Normala showcases a variety of her rempeyek products

KUCHING: A well-known rempeyek businesswoman in Tatau, Normala Akeri has praised the government’s efforts in aiding small-scale traders like her.

She claims that as a result of the government’s assistance in equipping her with machinery, her rempeyek sales have increased.

“I am both grateful and thankful to the Department of Agriculture (DoA) Sarawak for the food processing equipment assistance. The support has significantly increased my company’s sales revenue,” she said.

Normala, who has been producing and selling rempeyek since 2015 owns Kak Long Enterprise, a sole proprietorship that is a supplier and manufacturer of traditional food products, food and beverage (F&B) catering as well as general services.

Her most notable accomplishment in the field of rempeyek production was achieving first place at the district level Kuih Asli food processing competition.

Rempeyek produced by Normala

“My rempeyek sales have spread to all corners of Sarawak, even Brunei, as a result of this achievement.

“The estimated profit from my sales has reached up to RM15,000 to RM 20,000 a year,” said Normala adding that it would not have come this far without the right equipment.

Adding up to her success story, the owner of Kak Long Enterprise is also active in attending many courses organized by various agencies and departments to advance her knowledge in the business.

She has attended many courses such as food handler course, curriculum course, food processing technology course, dashboard course briefing through MyShop/MyKomuniti, basic entrepreneurship course (Level 1), and the One Azam programme financial literacy course.

These days, her rempeyek has attracted many new customers across the district including Miri, Sibu, Kuching, and even neighbouring Brunei Darussalam.

Her famous rempeyek comes in six flavours – natural flavour, dal bean, curry leaf, green bean, spices and cheese.

Members of the public interested in trying Normala’s rempeyek can visit her at No 45, Kampung Dagang Tatau, or contact 014-5951532 and visit the ‘Normala Akeri’ Facebook page to find out more about her specialty.