Reward system to entice people to get inoculated

Datuk Dr John Lau Pang Heng

KUCHING: Tracking down those who refused the Covid-19 vaccine will be tough as they did not commit any wrong, says Datuk John Lau.

“A better method to tackle this problem is for the authorities to put up a reward system in order to motivate them to come forward for vaccination,” said the Sarawak Patriots Association (SPA) chairman.

“For example, government servants, semi- government officers, private sector employees, businessmen, and the self-employed will get a 15 per cent discount in their income tax while those who have been jabbed will also benefit from the same incentives as well.

“The use of force needs to be discouraged and I strongly believe that one who can understand and comprehend the importance of vaccination against the virus will happily accept vaccination.

“In the meantime, the authorities would also need to engage with those who refused the vaccines as there must be a reason behind their refusal.”

He urged the health officials to listen to individuals and community organisations and provide them with opportunities to be heard and have their concerns acted upon.

“The Ministry of Health needs to understand one’s reluctance to get vaccinations. They need to find out the reasoning and rectify it.”

On another note, Lau reminded the unvaccinated population that many had taken the vaccines and it was safe.

“We are never returning to the old norm. It is best to take the Covid-19 vaccines unless you have a real medical issue that prevents you from doing so.

“Don’t think that you are protected because others around you are vaccinated.”