Sarawak Digital Mall on e-commerce platform Shopee

KUCHING: The Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation Berhad (SDEC), together with the Sarawak Economic Planning Unit (EPU), will launch the ‘Sarawak Digital Mall’ campaign with e-Commerce platform Shopee.

SDEC chief executive officer Sudarnoto Osman highlighted the importance of entrepreneurs to start taking their businesses online.

“SDEC is a government-owned agency mandated to implement the Sarawak Digital Economy initiatives and among its stakeholder segments is Digital Business, where digitalisation of Sarawakian entrepreneurs is the key focus.

“In this age of technology, everyone prefers to do things through mobile phones or computers and by embracing digitalisation, it opens up bigger opportunities to these sellers.”

Sudarnoto also remarked that this collaboration would foster digital adoption among Sarawakian SMEs, which is a crucial step, especially given the region’s mounting Covid-19 cases, which have brought practically every industry to a halt.

“With the discount vouchers provided in this campaign, Sarawakian merchants will be able to sell their local products at a more competitive value within the wider Malaysian and regional market, without the significant shipping fee as a barrier.

“Moreover, Shopee will assist in the onboarding of many more local vendors, as well as giving entrepreneurship classes through Shopee University, a free online training programme available in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Chinese.”

Meanwhile, Shopee regional managing director Ian Ho said: “We are always striving to empower small businesses, especially those who lack access to tech platforms and the potential they could harness just by going online.

“We are erasing geographical boundaries between these sellers and customers by collaborating with the Sarawak state government, allowing access to goods such as bario rice, gula apong, salted terubuk fish, and many more to those in the Peninsular, as we follow through on our mission to make e-Commerce for all.

“They can also use the SDEC certificates, and Shopee will help them even more by offering free shipping, especially during the 6.6 Awesome Sale.”