Sharp kite strings hurt two motorcyclists

One of the motorcyclists suffers injuries after a glass coated kite string cut his hands. (Right combo) The other victim receives outpatient treatment at Miri Hospital.

MIRI: Two motorcyclists suffered cuts on their necks and hands   after being hit by kite strings coated with powdered glass in two separate locations here over the weekend.

The incidents occurred in Tudan and Permyjaya on Saturday when both victims were heading home. 

Photos of the injuries, which were subsequently uploaded onto social media, sparked outrage among the netizens who called for stern actions against kite flyers who used crushed glass on their strings.

Most of the netizens wanted the authority to carry out routine patrols in the relevant areas and apprehend the guilty kite flyers.

“Glass coated kite strings pose a threat not only to humans but also animals,” they wrote in their comments.

They also wanted kite flyers responsible for the motorcyclists’ injuries to be arrested and the use of glass coated kite strings   banned.

ACP Hakemal Hawari

Meanwhile, Miri Police chief ACP Hakemal Hawari, when contacted for his comments, said he had instructed mobile police vehicles (MPV) to patrol the locations. 

“We urge those flying kites to avoid using strings coated with sharp glass powder as they can cause injuries to others,” he said, adding that cops were carrying out surveillance in several areas in Tudan and Permyjaya.