Henry (centre) accompanying Awang Tengah Ali (right) and Sarawak Land and Survey director Abdullah Julaihi to the land title handing over ceremony at Kampung Tg Poting Bau.

BAU: A total of 2,466 native customary rights (NCR) land titles issued under Section 18 of the Sarawak Land Code have been distributed to Tasik Biru constituents throughout Datuk Henry Harry Jinep’s first term as its assemblyman.

Henry said most of the land titles were issued to residents of Singai with 1,296 issued as of September of this year.

“In the areas of Singai, the state government has gazetted 3,242.051 hectares of land. 

“Whereas 1,658.592 hectares of land, or 2,175 lots, have been surveyed, with 1,717.905 hectares of land yet to be surveyed,” he revealed.

Henry said this during a handing-over ceremony of NCR land titles officiated by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan at Tanjung Poting multipurpose hall in Singai, here today.

He pointed out that the rapid issuance of land titles under Section 18 of the Sarawak Land Code was due to the land documentation approach taken by the dwellers of Singai areas.

“Most of the residents of Singai have made these documentations. Now the surveying team are conducting land surveys at Kampung Segong and the areas of Apar and land titles will be issued after the survey works are completed.

“We hope that the people will be patient,” he added.

He said the number of land titles issued in Singai at more than half of the total, had shown that the state government under Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) was concerned for the welfare of the people in Singai.

Henry also noted that many of the land title recipients consisted of a second generation landowners in the areas.

“I urged everyone to give thanks to their parents, as most recipients here today are of the second generation.

“We must be grateful to our parents for giving the rights to the land to us. Please take good care of the land given and make sure that it is there for the upcoming generations,” he urged.